Botox update.

Well I had my Botox Injection  3 weeks ago Following on from a failed injection just over 3 months ago and am very pleased to say this time it has worked a treat.  I  am also now in possession of a soft collar, after waiting 8 months from initially requesting an appointment to orthotics.  I can say that it makes a huge difference, as strain is taken away from my neck.  I am only allowd to wear it for 20 minutes twice a day as they don’t want my neck to become reliant on it, weakening the muscles even further.


Update on my condition

Good morning all , just a quick update on my condition, it is deteriorating quite quickly .

Now I am struggling swallowing  food , on the odd occasion I am chocking which is very very scary , as I live on my own . Just eating any pastry or a pizza for example .

So dear daily diary just one word” bugger ” lol .

Warmest regards Darren

Happy days are here again

Just got my PIP results in today and after alot of nail biting over the last 3/4 months lol.

My results read enhanced for both daily living and mobility for 10 years , so after me 1,2,3,4 happy day’s are here again ………… lol

Warmest regards Darren

Botox update

I had my three month Botox injection in my neck on the 13th September.     Not to relieve pain as I was at that time pain free, but to reduce stiffness in my neck.

Although Botox has always been a relief for pain and stiffness in the past.  This time I have found myself with a lot of pain in my neck following the injection.  My neck is also a lot stiffer than it was previously.  I was told to give it a few days to see how it goes.  However after giving it a good 2 weeks I can safely say it hasn’t worked, this time. Ah well only another 2 1/2 months to wait until I can have it again.


Update on my clubbed toes

Good afternoon all ,

I went to the hospital appointment last Thursday because of my clubbed toes . And the plan of attack is to cut the tendons in my toes so hopefully they will be straight again .

Happy happy day’s so just waiting for my surgery appointment .


Clubbed toes

I have an appointment on Thursday about my clubbed toes on my right foot . The appointment is with an orthopaedic surgeon , which I am quite worried about , as I think they are going to suggest surgery to pin my toes straight .

I will update you after my appointment .


New ankle brace

Good morning all,

I have just been to the orthotics dept at my local hospital for a new ankle brace . It is just like a sock for my left ankle, and it is fantastic. I have a full brace made from plastic on my right leg for severe foot drop , but this new ankle brace is fantastic , I am over the moon with it , as instead of walking on the  my left side of  foot it has given me more balance when I walk with my stick , so happy happy day’s.


Warmest regards Darren


I don’t  know why only I’ve started falllibg asleep throug the day.  Eerytime I Lower my head,, e.g When reading a book, praying. I inevetiatable fall asleep.  Yesterday I slept all the way through the teachings at church then in the afternoon whilst our for a meal with friends I again started to fall asleep.   I came home and want straight bed and slept for a further 3 hours.

I  believe Im taking after my dad and my brother, who slept / sleep a lot of the time.

I do not want to sleep constantly.!  And it concerns me.



Hello folks , not illness related , but I thought I would share . The DWP have finally received my PIP application form. I would like to thank , citizens advice and everyone at the Eden Valley Hospice for there help in and input with the forms . So wish me luck and let the fun commence lol.


Warmest regards Darren

Botox day / Breaking my toes

Good morning all ,

Today is my Botox day , that is an injection into my left leg to stop my big toe from extending upwards . Hip hip hooray .

Now also on the down side they are now looking into breaking my toes to try and straighten them as my toes on my right foot are clubbed . ” bugger” lol .